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[NEWS] 36 Roofs Replaced in Mansouria Since March Rains

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

The rains of March may have happened a long time ago and that crisis has been foreshadowed by the greater crisis of Covid-19. But many people have suffered greatly from these rains, losing the flimsy roofing that covered their homes.

Nahdet El Mansouria did not forget them though, and we have been fundraising to replace these roofs for the families who had no means of doing so themselves. The very poor and destitute ones. After investigating their economic and social status, we have been able to identify 40 families that needed our help and of those, we have collected donations to cover 36 homes.

A local contractor has given us the best value for money prices and he has been awarded the job and has been working at an excellent pace and good workmanship to build new roofs.

We are adamant that we will also be able to complete the list with the kind donations of our supporters.



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