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Online Courses Launched for All!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

During the time when our teachers and facilitators could not work due to Covid19 restrictions, we took this opportunity to help them learn new skills and languages online. In rural areas, online is not easy. For sure most of them do have smart phones and do use Whatsapp and interact on Facebook, but these applications don’t take much signal strength.

It was a chance that we and they could not miss, so for those who just couldn’t zoom from home, we provided wifi at our headquarters to be used a few people at a time so that social distancing could be observed.

At the moment we have 3 English courses running, the first on Zoom steered by our member Dina Gomaa, the second a course on Whatsapp steered by our member Fawzeya El Sawy and the third another Whatsapp course steered by our chairperson Inas Omar.

All participants in the three courses are improving tremendously and gaining confidence in their language skills and even their pronunciation is getting better.

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